Piyaporn - Pilates Instructor

Pomme’s pilates journey has started in 2004. She was looking for ways to cope with her scoliosis and introduced to pilates by Kru Bom Apittiya Soma. Since then she has fallen in love with the methods of the exercise. Because of her scoliosis Pomme has her main focus on working muscle at the right time and place in order to optimize the movement and being centered. Pomme had her complete pilates training with Balanced Body, and has been working successfully with scoliosis and conditioned clients since the beginning of her career. Her quote “Experienced by pilates, inspired by pilates and passing on pilates”

  • 2015: Mat Completion
  • 2016: Completed Pilates Anatomy from FIT Thailand
  • 2016: Reformer completion
  • 2016: Completed Resist and Reform with Elastic band from Balanced Body
  • 2016: Completed Pilates for Scoliosis from FIT Thailand
  • 2017: Completed Pilates to Improve Proprioception with Rotator Discs by Apittiya Soma
  • 2017: Completed Apparatus from Balanced Body
  • 2017: Completed Centered using MET from Madeline Black
  • 2017: Completed MOTR Instructor train from Balanced Body

  • 2017: Completed CoreAlign module 1 from Balanced Body
  • 2017: Completed Pregnant and Post Partum training from FIT Thailand
  • 2018: Completed CoreAlign Instrutor Training 2 from Balanced Body
  • 2018: Completed Biotensegrity Concepts Illuminate Pilates Mat from Elizabeth Larkam
  • 2023: Completed Pilates for Breast Cancer patients from Dr. Suzanne Martin
  • 2023: Completed Spinal Asymmetry and Scoliosis Essentials from Dr. Suzanne Martin